Haase Denktan Uns (Remember Us)

Hasse: Think of Us. ca. 1916.

Hasse: Think of Us. ca. 1916. Full text reads Think of Us. Help Us reach a Victorious Peace. Buy War Bonds. Printed in Prague, this poster depicts an Austro-Hungarian grenadier striding forward with confidence and steely determination. Starting as early as the late 16th century, grenadiers were infantry soldiers specifically trained to hurl the grenades…

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Comite Americain pour les Regions Devastees de France-Poster-1

Rare French Posters Speak to the Kindness and Heroism of American Women in Stressful Times

The backstory of these two very rare privately printed French posters is extraordinary. The story revolves around Anne Morgan, a daughter of there financier J.P. Morgan. Anne was vacating in Switzerland when war broke out. Confronted by the ruins of Northern France, Anne decided to parlay her not inconsiderable fortune and social clout into forming…

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