Coiner: Give It Your Best 1942.




Coiner: Give It Your Best! 1942. Flag fills the poster space with only a simple message below. Coiner was a famous Art Director and graphic artist who was responsible for a new purity of design. His forms are recognizable but reduced to their cleanest and simplest elements. Coiner gained national recognition with the logo he designed for the NRA. He became a key figure in the modern approach to advertising during the late 30s whe he worked with the CCA campaigns which he was allowed to hire all of the avant-garde talent he wanted. During WWII he was appointed a consultant to the office of Emergency Management and continued hiring top graphic designers to design propaganda aimed at the war industries (including Jean Carlu who produced his memorable “Production” poster. His Stars and Stripes is powerful in its simple and bold presentation, by some accounts a forerunner of the series of paintings by Jasper Johns. 40×28 near mint,conservation backed.

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