Artist Unknown: “Let Us Go Forward Together” 1940.



Anon: “Let Us Go Forward Together” 1940. The title quote from Churchill’s famous “blood, sweat and tears” speech to Parliament. Evidently the word “together” referred to only the Commonwealth; England had no other allies after June, 1940 when France was overrun. Churchill’s confidence so amazing. Unique photo-montage which also includes British tanks and planes. Churchill’s tweeds emphasize his role as a dedicated civilian leader’ not a military generalissimo like Hitler and Mussolini.  Darracott & Loftus note that the elegant “Varsity” script ‘lends classic nobility’ to the image. Scarce.  30×20 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Joseph Darracott & Belinda Loftus First World War Posters page 70. Denis Judd Posters of World War II, page 2-2.