Artist Unknown: The Turning Point of the War 1918.


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Artist Unknown The Turning point of the War 1918. From heights above a bridge spanning the Meuse River, doughboys are pictured firing their Springfields and Browning machine guns to repulse a German attempt to cross the bridge which is also being shelled by American artillery. This engagement is part of the American victory at Chateau Thierry (May 1918) where both the army and marines pushed back the German advance that ran throughout the spring, summer and fall of 1918. The fighting at Chateau Thierry is sometimes referred to as the Second Battle of the Marne. In the first Battle of the Marne (1914) the French stopped the Germans who, at that desperate point, were at the end of their tether. The drive on Paris had been stopped in its tracks. 31×25 near mint, conservation backed.