Paus: America the Hope of All Who Suffer..


Size: 36×58


Paus, Herbert Andrew “America the Hope of All Who Suffer.” Unusual and rare, the title of America, the hope of all who suffer – and dread of all who do wrong” is illustrated by victims tied to an Iron Cross. The Iron Cross was traditionally awarded to German soldiers for valor, here its meaning has reversed to symbolize what the poster terms frightfulness. Memorable hard hitting image for a conservation poster. 36×58 near mint, conservation backed.John R Johnson in his forthcoming magisterial book The King and Country Need You comments: In “America the hope of all who suffer—a nurse is bound to a German iron cross.  Indicative of her recent execution by firing squad, a red blood stain is visible just beneath the red cross on her chest.  As a reference to the martyrdom of Nurse Cavell, she is part of a tableaux portraying victims of notorious German atrocities—the “murder” of Cavell, the “Rape of Belgium”, the sinking of the Lusitania, and the ill treatment of allied prisoners of war. 36×58 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Walton Rawls Wake Up, America!, 114.