Artist Unknown: Illegible Title c.1919.



Artist Unknown Illegible Title c.1919.  Our extraordinary mystery poster. We can’t read title and don’t even know the language. We think the title may be a place or name of a battle on the eastern front during the border wars after the armistice.  This lithograph is a unique image of two German soldiers in a trench; one shot through the head as the small bullet hole in the front of his helmet indicates.  The other soldier, who is seen automatically jacking another round into the firing chamber of his Mauser, regards him with pity and the grim determination that it will take to survive another day at the lethal front. This is an incredibly detailed poster by a sensitive artist. The drawing of the survivor’s face looks more like the quality of work done in the 16th century rather than the 20th. We hope our learned clients will help us solve the mysteries that surround this image. New to us. Rare. 34×26 mint, conservation backed.