Waters?: Forces in Depth.




Waters?: Forces in Depth. Army recruiting poster advises viewers that Forces in Depth are “essential for freedom.Poster features a soldier on the battlefield wearing fatigues and carrying an M-14 rifle which preceded the M-16 of the Viet Nam era. Directly behind this figure the same person, at an earlier time, changes out of his sports jacket and tie to get ready for immediate service. From the look of his gear and his weapon it appears that this poster may have been printed in the late ’50s or very early ‘60s. There is no mention of Vietnam whatsoever. Above these figures the insignias of the National Guard, Active Army and Army Reserve appear in the upper right hand corner. These are the three organizations that will provide the U.S. with the Forces in Depth that the nation’s defense requires. Just as an aside, I should mention that the name that appears on the soldier’s name tag on his khakis may also be the same name as the artist’s? Scarce, new to us. 28×20 near mint, conservation backed.