Rogers: Be Up to Date – Be a US Marine. 1917.


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Rogers: Be Up to Date – Be a US Marine. 1917. Marine stands up in trench fearless now that he has new protective metal helmet. This design with large Marine logo never actually adapted. The French and Germans had already switched from cloth hats to steel helmets the year before owing to the fact that trench warfare left a combatant’s head sometimes, too often I’m sure, exposed to enemy rifle, machinegun and artillery fire. The helmet that this Marine will wear was probably made in England. The details in this piece include the marine’s campaign hat, known as a lemon squeezer, a Springfield rifle, an entrenching tool, a cartridge belt, a gas mask, and a canteen.  Two flags: one French, one American wave above the Allied trenches. This is a lot of detail for a military poster. Scarce. 32×21 near mint, conservation backed.