Rockwell: Give ’em Enough and On Time 1942.



Rockwell Let’s Give Him Enough and On Time 1942.  America was unprepared for war when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Weapons shortages created a crisis when the war began. Rockwell illustrated the problem brilliantly in a poster designed for display in munitions factories. He pictures a tattered G.I. firing an M1917M1, a water-cooled weapon that fired hundreds of rounds per minute and demanded immediate resupply. Completely focusing on the battle, the soldier doesn’t realize his ammo is dwindling although the viewer sees the empty cartridge belt and the evaporating water supply. The blackness behind the G.I. heightens the mood of isolation. Harper “Poster was issued soon after Bataan and Corregidor fell to the Japanese in the spring of 1942 and reflects the desperation of those years when the United States was losing the war in the Pacific. It specifically appeals for greater production of war material as a way to victory.” 23×33 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliogrpahy: Anthony Rhodes, Propaganda – the Art of Persuasion, p. 183.