Morgan: America’s Immortals 1918. 


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Wallace Morgan America’s Immortals 1918. Dramatic scene shows the last moments of Captain Marcellus Chiles of the 365th Infantry. The official citation, which is part of the poster’s text, tells of the heroic actions that led to his death by enemy fire near Le Champy Bas, France. When the battalion of which he had just taken command was stopped by German machine-gun fire, Captain Chiles led his battalion across a stream separating the American attackers from the German defenders.  Gaining the opposite bank, he was shot down by sniper fire. He lived long enough to turn over command to the next senior officer. That inspiring and touching moment is depicted here. Morgan one of the seven artists selected by Pershing  as an official combat artist, to record the achievements of the A.E.F.  Artists were permitted on battlefields.  Photographers were not.  Scarce, new to us.  31×25 near mint, conservation backed.