Kemp-Welch: Forward! 1914.


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Lucy Kemp-Welch Forward! 1914. Dr. John Johnson describes Kemp-Welsh’s poster as a masterpiece of  romantic militarism. It is last great pictorial poster with a rousing theme. With his sword extended and his mount at full gallop, a cavalryman gets the viewer’s attention by dint of sheer energy and powerful movement. The cavalry was the most traditional and romantic arm of the British service. With major advances in the destructive power of modern weapons, Cavalrymen knew that their star was waning and resented motorized transport. They viewed the tank as an inelegant mechanical rival and discouraged its development.  Lucy Kemp-Welch was President of the Society of Animal Painters when the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee commissioned Forward!  Extremely rare,  30×20 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Imperial War Museum Posters of the First World War p. 11.