Kagu: Untitled


Size: 22×16


Japanese propaganda poster written in English presents a utopian view of life in the Philippines under Japanese occupation. Pictured here is a parade of happy young marchers holding Philippine flags aloft. Text quotes the national hero Jose Rizal, a celebrated reformer during the Spanish colonial period. His quote praises the vigor and purity of youth and hope in the future. Hogwash really. After looking at this poster, the viewer would have no idea that in reality the Japanese were brutal in the Philippines just as they were everywhere else in their puppet East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere that they created just to administer the countries they had just overrun. This brutal administration included starving the native populations. This isn’t the type of poster that you are likely to ever see again. Very, very rare. This sort of thing is usually intended for scholars of particularly obscure but distinct periods of history. 22×16 near mint condition, conservation backed.