Gibson: “Here He is Sir.”


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Charles Dana Gibson  “Here He is Sir..” Gibson was the creator of the eponymous Gibson girl, his beautiful ideal young woman. Gibson was the highest paid artist in America and President of the Society of Illustrators. The illustrious illustrator had ventured to Cuba during the Spanish American War where he achieved a reputation as a war illustrator and was eager to help direct artists to help with publicity for the World War I war effort.  Here Gibson portrays Uncle Sam bowing his head to a young wearing gloves as she hands her beloved over to Uncle Sam. A decorous version of his rival for public acclaim, Howard Chandler Christy,  whose famous Gee I Wish Were a Man  also shows a woman role in encouraging enlistment in the Navy. . 42×28 near mint, conservation backed. 

Bibliography: Walton Rawls Wake Up, America! page  151.