Fouqueray: Serbian Day 1916.


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Charles Fouqueray Serbian Day 1916. Scene based on French newspaper photo of epic Serbian retreat over Albanian mountains.  General Putnik, in his seventies and ill, stands with a nearly blind King Peter, who rode in an oxcart to remain with his people.  Allies, who abandoned Serbs to their fate, issued poster to raise money for the survivors. Poster issued on behalf of Serbian Relief Fund, issued on the anniversary of the battle of Kossovo, June 25. The memory of this 13th century Serbian defeat at the hands of the Turks still rankles. Perceived Turkish atrocities still fuel hatred of Muslims. Very rare.. 45×31 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Martin Hardie and Arthur K. Sabin, War Posters, page 25; Rene Paillard Affiches 14-18, page 43.