Flagg: Tell That to the Marines 1918.


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James Montgomery Flagg Tell That to the Marines 1918. After painting this poster in his studio using an actor for a model Flagg repainted it with great fanfare on the steps of the N. Y. Public Library to raise money for war bonds. A Marine platoon marching behind the artist as he worked was part of the show. Flagg described his media event in his auto-biography. “Another … innovation for which I was responsible (was) the phrase ‘tell that to the Marines!’ …My poster of that t itle made it a fighting battle cry. Gus Edwards and Al Jolson both wrote songs using my title… each sang their version on the Library steps yanking their coats off at the finale, as the man in my poster did.” 40×30  near mint, conservation backed. 

Bibliography: Walton Rawls Wake Up, America! page 156.