Artist Unkown: Jeep Campaign 1942.



Artist Unknown Jeep Campaign 1942. Piper Cub L-4 Grasshopper flies over a clearing where a solder with a wireless radio relays info from the pilot to a nearby artillery battery. Artist stresses the new walkie-talkie technology by inserting jagged lines between pilot and radioman. Reconnaissance, courier service, air ambulance and artillery spotting were the special assignments of L-4s. It was called the grasshopper for its ability to take off and land on rough surfaces.  It maximum speed was 87 MPH, maximum range 200 miles.  Stamps pasted in stamp books could be redeemed for bonds. Neighboring school competed to see which school could fill up the most stamp books. The poster sets a goal of 20,000 “Flying Jeeps” needed by Dec. 7, 1943 (exactly two years after Pearl Harbor).  $3000 worth of war stamps and bonds were needed to purchase one “Piper L-4 Grasshopper.” The goal was $60,000,000 worth of war stamps by students nationwide by the end of this drive. Very scarce. 25×19 near mint, conservation backed.