Artist Unknown: Warning from the FBI 1943.


Artist Unknown Warning from the FBI 1943. J. Edgar Hoover advises all Americans to “Tell It to the FBI” when they see evidence of sabotage or suspect the presence of enemy agents.  James Wensyel in the June 1995 issue of American History notes, “In June 1942, a German submarine landed 4 agents near Amagansett, Long Island. Several days later 4 more made it ashore near Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. All spoke excellent English. When caught, the saboteurs were carrying U.S. currency, bombs, timing devices, incendiary pistols, magnesium flares and a long list of targets – factories, bridges, railroads, terminals, power plants and dams. Apprehended before they could carry out any of the planned attacks, the infiltrators were tried in secrecy and found guilty of espionage. Six were executed; the remaining two received 30-year sentences.” The Germans posted death notices of people they shot on similar orange paper with black print. 28×20 near mint, conservation backed.