Artist Unknown: Recon Extreme Team c.2006.




Artist Unknown Recon Extreme Team c.2006. Marines are shown dropping out of an Osprey helicopter on a reconnaissance mission. Undeterred by the swampy terrain, Marines are seen advancing inland under cover of darkness. The poster pictures ighttime ops very hard to depict on a poster;.  This one succeeds. Chinese style calligraphy indicates the general area of operations.  Thanks to Eddy Gilly we can identify the Marines pictured.  He writes: he Combatant Diver at center front is  a Force Reconnaissance Marine that completed Combat Dive School in mid 80s. The Osprey that has a team performing a Military Free Fall (MFF) parachute jump at upper left was not approved for Fleet operations until 2007. It began trials in 1990. The Woodland utilities (camo) on Team in Center was used by USMC from 1981 (to 2002. However, Marine Recon & MARSOC continue to use the pattern today. The photos are composites photos illustrating Recon capabilities in the “Air, on Land, and Sea”. 18×24 limited edition, mint.