Artist Unknown: Official U.S. War Films c.1917.



Artist Unknown: Official U.S. War Films c.1917. Looking more elegant than ever, a radiant Columbia is pictured holding  the American flag in her left hand and a sign reading Official U.S. War Films in her right. She is flanked by a doughboy and a sailor. Her garb is amazing. She wears a diaphanous gown and is crowned with a laurel wreath, but the most amazing aspects of her outfit are her wings the tops of which are higher than her head and the tips of which are so long that they touch the shoulders of the two servicemen who stand at attention at her side. Official U.S. War Films were issued by the Division of Films, Committee of Public Information to promote motion pictures. Very rare, new to us; not in Library of Congress. 82×40 near mint with bottom panel toned conservation backed.