Artist Unknown Line Up Boys! Enlist Today 1915.


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Artist Unknown Line Up, Boys! Enlist Today 1915. Trio from the Black Watch Regiment are shown smiling merrily as they march in perfect step. Battalions of the Black Watch found themselves engaged in heavy action quickly. Among their challenges in 1915 were the battle for the German salient at Neuve Chappelle, the Battle of Loos. 30×20 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: John R. Johnson in his forthcoming definitive book Your King and Country Need You writes as follows:

Despite being unsigned, some commentators attribute Line Up, Boys! to W. H. Caffyn, apparently based on its similarity to his earlier and popular Come Along, Boys!  Both “titles” are gentle orders (“Come Along” or “Line Up”) addressed to “Boys,” a word meant to engender a sense of camaraderie.  Both employ a similar design: an illustration of a cheerful man or men marching along with a weapon casually over the shoulder, which is set against a buff background within a wide khaki-colored band