Artist Unknown: Katyn: Forest of the Dead.



Artist Unknown: Katyn: Forest of the Dead. Nazi Propaganda machine trumpets the grisly discovery of Soviet perfidy in the only major atrocity yet unearthed that they did not commit themselves. Shortly after the German attack on Russia, the Soviets, in the panic of a precipitous retreat, executed 6000 Polish officers who were being held in a NKVD prisoner of war camp just west of Smolensk. This ghastly event, known as the Katyn Forest Massacre was discovered by the onrushing Germans who used this atrocity to convince the peoples of Occupied Europe that they had no choice but to cooperate with the Germans if they wanted to avoid the ghastly fate that had already been meted out to the Poles. Russian general using a Tokarev TT, 7.62 mm pistol.  Determined to wring the last drop of propaganda out of this tragedy, the German artist has made the Semitic features of the assassin clearly discernible. One of the most shocking posters issued during the war made more so by realistic style. The Russians shot the Polish officers in an effort of wipe out Polish leadership. Extremely rare. 33×23 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Aulich War Posters, Weapons of Mass Communication, page 27. variant.