Artist Unknown: A Mother’s Pride


Size: 33×21

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Artist Unknown: A Mother’s Pride. Very rare early example of a woman supporting the war effort. Holding on to her son’s good arm for support, his mother is pictured beaming with pride in her son’s sacrafice for and service to Greece. In this instance, her son had been wounded by the Turks with whom the Greeks had been battling off and on with for thousands of years. They opposed each other again during World War I when the Turks joined the Central Powers an the Greeks the Allies. Behind them, in a reference tp Greece’s glorious past, a Greek temple is faintly adumbrated atop a distant hill. During an earlier conflict, the Greek War for Independence of the 1820s, another temple, the famous Acropolis in Athens, was destroyed by a massive explosition when fighting touched off a powder magazine which had been stored inside it. 33×21 mint, conservation backed.