Keely, Pat: Free Holland Welcomes the Allies 1944


Size: 29×19

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Keely Free Holland Welcomes the Allies 1944. Poster printed in London in 1944 at the behest of the Polish government in exile when the assumption was the the war would be over by Christmas. The Dutch hired the best – Keely was an important much admired British artist. He envisions a victory parade route, brilliantly hung with Allied flags, doubling as a ghostly crusaders sword with the welcoming Dutch soldier standing in the crossing. The allies as modern crusaders was an omnipresent theme during the war. Dwight Eisenhower named his memoir Crusade in Europe. Ingenious and joyful design that alas, could not be used until the spring of 1945. Very rare. 29×19 near mint, conservation backed.

Bibliography: Peter Paret et al. Persuasive Images, 299.