Flagg, James Montgomery: TelI That to the Marines! 1918


Size: 40×30

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Flagg, James Montgomery Tell That to the Marines! 1918. Flagg’s great classic Tell That to the Marines! was painted on the steps of the New York Public Library in 1918. Flagg loved publicity, the setting for his bravura performance at the library, was an early multi-media event. A band playing patriotic tunes by George M. Cohan was placed behind the artist as a platoon marched around. Volunteers passed among the onlookers collecting money for war bonds. Flagg featured a red headed model eagerly flinging off his coat to join the Marines after reading the headline “Huns Kill Women and Children!” Chivalrous attitudes were very much a part of World War I attitudes in both Allied and Central Powers countries. Now scarce – especially hard to find in really great condition. Any poster with a white background has to be pristine to look good. 40×30 near mint, conservation backed.