Artist Unknown: ELCO PT…World’s Fastest PT Boats 1943


Size: 14×18

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Artist Unknown: ELCO… World’s Fastest PT Boats 1943. A knight in shining armor rides his steed just above a PT boat that’s launching one of its 533mm torpedos. During WWII Elco got the contract to produce 326 PT boats for the U.S. Navy. These boats had 80′ hulls and carried 533mm torpedos, .50 calilber machineguns, and a Bofors gun as well as depth charges. They were powered by 3, V12 engines that produced 5,555 hp and propelled them at 43 knots. Often they used just one engine to save fuel. The Japanese called them “Devil Boats.” Sometimes they took on enemy destroyers. 14×18 mint, matted.